Major AP1000 component arrives at Sanmen

27 July 2011

The reactor pressure vessel cylinder to be used in the world's first AP1000 has been delivered from South Korea to Sanmen in Zhejiang province, eastern China.


The component for the heart of the power plant was produced in South Korea by Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction using some forgings fabricated by China First Heavy Industries (CFHI). On 22 July, it was transported to Doosan's shipping terminal and loaded onto a ship to arrive the following day at the Sanmen nuclear power plant where it is destined for use in unit 1.



Sanmen 1 RPV (SNPTC)
The RPV cylinder on its journey from South Korea to China



CFHI produced the first forging for the component in July 2007 under the supervision of China's National Nuclear Safety Administration and supported by several companies involved in the Sanmen plant project: State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, Sanmen Nuclear Power Corporation, Westinghouse and Doosan. Together, the companies had strict control of quality during the manufacturing process.


Sanmen 1 is one of two AP1000 pressurized water reactors being constructed at the site and is the lead unit of four AP1000s currently being built in China. All these are scheduled to begin operating between November 2013 and March 2015. Doosan is making all the reactor pressure vessels, but Chinese firms should be ready to supply for later units: Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment is one bidder for forthcoming pressure vessels, as are CFHI and Harbin Boiler Co.


Next month Doosan is expected to complete the top part of Sanmen 1's vessel, including elements of the control rod drive mechanism. The lid for unit 2, however, is being made by Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co, which started the work last week in a first for China.


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