A look at the future of nuclear power

03 November 2008

Readers of World Nuclear News have revealed visions of a 21st century nuclear power plant, at ease in its environment.


Nuclear power plants should have their features blended into the environment as much as possible, while boasting strong, hi-tech design for the components that remain on view. Placing reactors underground was a popular suggestion, as was improving materials used for large highly visible structures like containment domes and cooling towers.


Many thanks to those readers that submitted their own ideas of the way nuclear power plants should be designed in the modern era. Some of the best are reproduced below.


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Click to enlarge Aleš Buršič blends power plant
 features with the environment
 through the use of earth
 coverings. A hybrid cooling
 tower is sunken to reduce its
 visual impact and the 'green
 barrier' also helps in
 protection from external


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Click to enlarge Spain-based architecture firm
 with nuclear experience
 IDOM-ACXT proposes a living
 skin sustained by rainwater to
 cover the main plant structures.

 Left, making a natural feature
 from an artifice, its appearance
 would change through the

Click to enlarge Another IDOM ACTX design
 sees an second skin erected
 which would be opaque in
 sunlight and translucent at

 Night-time lighting transforms
 the power plant into a new


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Click to enlarge Christian Raetzke's hand
 drawings show a modern
 nuclear power plant benefiting
 from eccentric and modern
 superstructures that give a new
 outline to familiar techonolgy.

 Left, a traditional nuclear plant
 gets retro treatment, including
 a Greco-Roman facade.


 Carlton Stoiber proposes specialised designs as approved by
 senior nuclear industry figures. An undersea unit boasts a
 reliable source of cooling water, while a pyramid superstructure 
 has the advantages of operating experience and seismic safety.

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