Women in Nuclear for Climate

01 September 2015

Women in Nuclear (WiN) has leant its support to a civil society campaign for nuclear energy to be recognised as a low-carbon option for fighting climate change.

At the organisation's global annual conference in Vienna last week, WiN president and vice president, Se-Moon Park and Dominique Moillot, put their names to a declaration asserting that every country should have access to the widest possible portfolio of low-carbon technologies - including nuclear power - in order to reduce emissions and meet energy goals.

Women in Nuclear conf, August 2015 (IAEA - Dean Calma)
Delegates at the Women in Nuclear Global Conference, held at the International Atomic Energy Agency's Vienna facilities last week (Image: IAEA - Dean Calma)

WiN requested that the UNFCCC "recognise nuclear energy as a low-carbon energy option", in its protocols, and include it in its climate funding mechanisms, "as is the case for all other low-carbon energy sources". The organisation pledged to bring this to the attention of the conference to take place in Paris in December.

By pledging support for the Nuclear for Climate movement on behalf of its 25,000 members, WiN joined the European Nuclear Society Young Generation Network and 39 other associations of nuclear scientists, engineers and professionals, including the French Nuclear Energy Society which leads the campaign. WiN's global membership means that individual nuclear experts from more than 102 countries are now in support of Nuclear for Climate.

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