Toshiba works on ABWR certification

04 November 2010

Toshiba is seeking regulatory approval for a renewal of approval to construct Advanced Boiling Water Reactors (ABWRs), as well as for certain design changes.


The Japanese firm announced its submission to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) today.


The ABWR design was certified in 1997, meaning that it can be referenced as part of an application to build and operate a new nuclear power plant. However, this status only lasts 15 years, meaning it must be renewed before the NRC allows construction of two ABWRs planned for the South Texas site, anticipated in 2012.


Toshiba co-developed the ABWR design with GE and worked alongside both GE and Hitachi to construct Kashiwazaki Kariwa 6 and 7. Both have the right to build ABWRs. However, the 1997 design certification refers specifically to a design to which GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy asserts ownership. Toshiba's latest submission includes changes to work around that, while also incorporating, "new design features which take advantage of ... successful operating experience in Japan."


Another change to ABWR's design certification was initiated in 2009 by the South Texas new build partners NRG and STPNOC to meet a requirement on aircraft impact issued by the NRC that year.


Separately, GE-Hitachi plans to submit for a renewal in 2011.
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