New nuclear steam turbine plant

14 May 2007

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has announced the expansion of its facilities for producing turbines for power generation. Plans include a new plant specifically for steam turbines for nuclear power plants.

Takasago, in Hyogo prefecture, is MHI's core plant for power turbine production. It produces the different turbines for gas-fired power stations, hydroelectric dams and nuclear power stations, as well as many other power plant components. Takasago-built steam turbines are used in all 23 of Japan's pressurized water reactors.

According to MHI, the new dedicated plant would feature integrated processing and assembly of main components such as rotors and forged blades. The plant will produce high-efficiency turbines with blades up to 70 inches (1.78 m) in length with
stringent quality control at each step of production.

MHI say the investment should bring an expansion in production efficiency and capacity needed to compete to supply new and replacement equipment for nuclear plants in Japan and overseas. The company added that it would "conduct aggressive marketing activities in Japan and abroad."

The new plant is slated to begin operation before March 2010, following an investment program beginning this year.

Investment is also planned to increase production capacity of large components for MHI's G-type gas turbines. MHI plan to streamline production lines by using new equipment, such as new turbine casing processing machines. Over 40 gas-fired power stations in 20 countries employ MHI combined-cycle gas turbines.

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