Sparton raises share in China program

05 June 2007

Sparton Resources Inc and its China-based partner Beijing John Hanseng Investment Consulting Co have signed a memorandum of understanding with ARCN, the Airborne Remote Sensing Institute branch of China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC), to increase their current joint interest in the secondary uranium recovery program in China from 60% to 80%. The initial phase of the program to examine the extraction of uranium from coal ash has led to an advanced testing program on ash from the Xiaolontang power plant in Yunnan province. ARCN has indicated that it does not want to participate financially in the second phase of the program, which includes bulk sampling and pre-feasibility level activities. This phase will cost an estimated $500,000, but ARCN has said it will continue to support the work with infrastructure, staff and coordinated support from CNNC. On completion of the second phase - expected by the end of 2007 - ARCN will have the option to increase its interest in the program from 20% back to 40%.

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