Pro-nuclear Sarkozy wins French election

09 May 2007

The Conservative candidate NicolasSarkozy was elected French President on 6 May. He won 53% of thenational vote, while Socialist candidate Segolene Royal got 47%. Ifelected, Royal had promised to revoke the decree signed by the currentConservative government in April that approved Electricite de France's(EdF's) construction of an EPR unit at Flamanville. She had alsopromised to hold a new national debate on energy policy. Royal said thedecision taken by the French parliament to develop the EPR was takenunder conditions of contestable analysis and debate, no impact studywas presented and there were no proposals for diversification of theenergy mix. However, Sarkozy's victory means that EdF will keep itslicence to build the 1600 MWe reactor. He has stated that combatingclimate change will be one of his priorities.

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