Lukashenko: Belarus must build nuclear

13 April 2007

[Belarusian Radio, 12 April] Belarus will construct a nuclear power plant, according to President Alexander Lukashenko. He said that Russian companies were ready to build the plant, but they had threatened "breaking off relations" if they did not win the contract. Lukashenko claimed that some foreign companies link their participation in the project with Belarus' democratization and its efforts to amend the electoral legislation. He added, "We will build a nuclear power station on terms that are beneficial for our country because we have no way out... We are surrounded by these stations... I wish we had at least one station on our territory. We are in a situation when only a fool will not construct a station." Lukashenko's plans could see a power reactor start up in the country in 2012, with a second following in 2015. Estimates of the cost of such a project reach $3 billion.

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