Areva to discuss contract with China

14 February 2007

[Bloomberg, 13 February] Arevaof France will reportedly hold talks later this month with China over adeal to construct two nuclear power reactors that was originallyawarded to Toshiba's Westinghouse Electric. According to Xu Damao, asenior consultant to project operator China Guangdong NuclearPower Holding, Areva may build two reactors at Yangjiangin Guangdong province, a site earmarked for four Westinghouse units ina $5.3 billion contract awarded in December 2006 .The two reactors would have a total capacity of 3200 MWe. Westinghousemay instead get a contract for two reactors at Haiyang in Shandongprovince, in addition to two units at Sanmen in Zhejiang province.

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