Bush: Nuclear "by far the best solution"

21 December 2007

[White House, 20 December] During a press conference at the White House, US President George Bush turned his attention to nuclear energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. He said: "If you are truly serious about dealing with greenhouse gases, then it seems like to me you ought to be a strong supporter of nuclear power. Nuclear power enables us to generate electricity without emitting one unit of greenhouse gases." He added, "I am amazed that our country isn't more robust in supporting the advent of nuclear power. I certainly am, and applaud those efforts by members of the Congress to provide incentives for the construction of new plants." Bush commented, "If you're somebody that says greenhouse gases are of vital national interest, then you ought to be saying I'm for the development of nuclear power plants. It is by far the best solution to making sure we have economic growth and at the same time be good stewards of the environment."

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