Operation resumes at Rabbit Lake

03 January 2008

Cameco announced on 2 January that normal mining activities had been resumed following flooding in late 2007 at its Eagle Point mine in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. The company announced on 28 November that underground activities at the mine, part of the Rabbit Lake uranium operation, had been suspended as a precautionary measure when the mine experienced an increase of water flow at a time when the capacity of the surface water-handling system was also temporarily reduced due to an equipment upgrade. Cameco said that operations had resumed "well ahead of schedule", after sealing off the source of the water inflow. An old exploration drill hole was identified as the source of the water inflow. The hole was plugged by installing an inflatable packer. Cameco said that it will install a permanent plug and grout a substantial length of the drill hole with cement to replace the inflatable packer in the next couple of weeks.

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