Czech group supports Austrian nuclear plant

29 June 2007

[Prague Post, 27 June] Start Zwentendorf, a newly-formed Czech nuclear power advocacy group, has called for the immediate start-up of the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant in Austria. The movement has structured its efforts as a parody of the Austrian-sponsored movement called Stop Temelin, which has been holding rallies and protesting for years about the operation of the Temelin nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic. Zwentendorf is the only nuclear power plant in Austria. Construction of the 700 MWe boiling water reactor started in 1972. Although completed, the plant's start-up was blocked in November 1978 by a thin majority of 50.47% in a referendum, which also halted plans for five further reactors. Start Zwentendorf says the inactive Austrian plant is more harmful than Temelin because it means Austria must generate its electricity from other coal-burning plants. The group claims the idle reactor "causes radioactive exposure" (because of radioactive emissions from lignite-burning plants used instead); is "dangerous" (because of pollution caused by thermal plants in the Czech Republic); and is "uneconomic" (as production of electricity by burning fossil fuels is very expensive, once the indirect costs are included). Start Zwentendorf, which claims to be a partner organization of Stop Temelin, demands the "termination of populists, alibists and anti-environmental politics of Austrian government."

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