Exelon forms pro-nuclear energy coalition

17 August 2007

[nj.com, 17 August] A newly-formed group of leaders from across the US state of New Jersey has vowed to educate the public about the need for energy policies that protect the environment, and to focus on generating public support for the renewal of the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant's operating licence. US utility Exelon Corp has provided the group with start-up funds, but the New Jersey Affordable, Clean, Reliable Energy Coalition (NJACRE) is keen to assert its independence from Exelon, owner of Oyster Creek operator AmerGen Energy. According to NJACRE Chairman Edward H Salmon, "we need to ensure that something meaningful is being done to support retention of our existing clean energy sources and to generate more clean, affordable energy to protect the environment and public health." Oyster Creek is the oldest operating nuclear power plant in the USA, starting up in 1969. It is currently seeking a licence extension to allow it to operate until 2029.

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