Exelon selects two potential Texan sites

29 June 2007

Exelon Nuclear has selected primary and secondary sites in southeast Texas based on which it might apply for a combined construction and operation licence (COL) for a new nuclear power plant. The primary site, which will be identified in the licence application, is about ten miles (16 km) south of Collegeport in Matagorda County, while the secondary site is some 20 miles (32 km) south of Victoria in Victoria County. Additional field investigation and research will be conducted at the two sites over the next 15 months to confirm that both meet all site suitability criteria set by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Exelon expects to submit the application to the NRC in November 2008. The application would be based on either Westinghouse's AP1000 or General Electric's (GE's) Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) reactor design. It expects the application process to cost some $23 million. Tom O'Neill, Exelon Nuclear's Vice President of New Plant Development, said, "Nuclear energy is safe and clean and has a low operating cost." He added, "That's why we believe nuclear energy is a key part of Texas' future energy mix, because of its inherent environmental and energy independence benefits." However, he said that Exelon had yet to decide whether or when it would construct a plant on either site.

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