Reactor vessel in place at Summer unit 2

31 August 2016


VC Summer unit 2's reactor vessel was placed inside the unit's containment yesterday, the first such operation to take place in the USA in over 30 years.

The steel vessel, which is over 10 metres tall and weighs 278 tonnes, will lie at the heart of the Westinghouse AP1000 reactor currently under construction at the South Carolina site. It was transported from the Port of Charleston on a special rail car and lifted into place by one of the largest cranes in the world. The vessel will house the reactor core and all associated components including the reactor vessel internals which support and stabilize the core within the reactor vessel, as well as providing the path for coolant flow and guiding movement of the control rods.

L-3 MAPPS to update Hongyanhe simulator

31 August 2016

Hongyanhe I full-scope simulator - 48Canada's L-3 MAPPS has signed a service contract to update the reactor core model on the full-scope simulator for Phase I of the Hongyanhe nuclear power plant in China's Liaoning province. The company originally supplied the simulator under a contract signed in 2007.

Areva initiates creation of New Co

31 August 2016

Ahead of the sale of its reactor business to EDF, Areva has begun the process of splitting off its nuclear fuel cycle activities into a new entity, tentatively referred to as 'New Co'.

De Rivaz's open letter on Hinkley

30 August 2016

Hinkley B Apprentices - 12 (EDF Energy) 72x48.jpgWhile Hinkley Point remains in limbo pending a government commitment to support the project, EDF Energy CEO Vincent de Rivaz has written an open letter addressing questions on security and cost.

Ukraine and South Korea cement nuclear ties

31 August 2016

KHNP-Energoatom - August 2016 - 48Energoatom and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power have agreed to cooperate in the nuclear energy sector. A memorandum of understanding - signed today in Kiev by Energoatom President Yury Nedashkovsky and KHNP President and CEO Seok Cho - aims to promote the "sustainable social and economic development" of the two countries, the Ukrainian nuclear power plant operator said.

Non-proliferation milestone for Southeast Asia

30 August 2016

Southeast Asia has been declared free of highly-enriched uranium following the completion of a collaborative project to downblend Indonesia's stock of HEU to low-enriched uranium.

Second Kudankulam unit connected to grid

30 August 2016

Kudankulam 1 and 2  - 48Unit 2 of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in India's southern state of Tamil Nadu has been connected to the electricity grid. It becomes India's 22nd operating power reactor.

Nuclear's response to 'future energy crisis'

Imagining a future energy policy in the event of "blackouts that occurred across Europe in 2018", Jonathan Hart and Brett Longstaffe propose a pan-European nuclear fuel cycle that emerged "out of the necessity for secure, low carbon electricity supplies". In their Spark! Contest winning essay, the two young engineers write that this new system "stood on three pillars" - a coordinated European strategy , technological developments and a new nuclear message.

The solution was to extend the scope of the Euratom Treaty in several areas, with the aim of fulfilling the lofty ambitions set out in the original 1957 treaty. This aimed to strengthen the European nuclear market by reducing barriers to entry, and increasing strategic cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.

Nuclear research and development was targeted in three ways - funding nuclear innovation aimed at cost reductions; developing revolutionary technologies, including molten salt reactors; and creating national centres of excellence for research, with areas of expertise identified and prioritised in each nuclear nation, and research budgets 'pooled' across European states.


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