UK sets aside funds for 'ambitious' nuclear research and development program

26 November 2015

Updated with comment from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

The UK will invest at least £250 million ($377 million) over the next five years in an "ambitious" nuclear research and development program, according to the Conservative Party-led government's Spending Review and Autumn Statement published yesterday. British Chancellor George Osborne's 'Comprehensive Spending Review' says this program will "revive the UK's nuclear expertise" and position the country as "a global leader in innovative nuclear technologies".

Funding for this program is included in the "settlement" for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

"The government's doubling of investment in DECC's innovation program will help position the UK as an international leader in small modular nuclear reactors, and deliver commitments on seed funding for promising new renewable energy technologies and smart grids," according to the Review.

Holtec delivers first 'dry' storage canisters to Chernobyl site

27 November 2015

SSE ChNPP said yesterday that the first 10 canisters for the dry interim fuel storage facility (ISF-2) had been delivered to the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. ISF2 is in the final construction stage under a contract Ukraine signed with US-based Holtec International in 2007. To be completed this year, it will be used to store all the used fuel on the site for at least 100 years.

Second lawsuit challenges Virginia uranium ban

26 November 2015

A group led by Virginia Uranium Inc yesterday filed a second lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Virginia's moratorium on uranium mining. A suit filed by the same plaintiffs earlier this year is still ongoing.

China, Slovakia to cooperate on nuclear fuel cycle

25 November 2015

China-Slovakia November 2015 - 48China and Slovakia will cooperate on developing the nuclear fuel cycle supply chain under a memorandum of understanding signed yesterday between the two countries.

IAEA publishes new emergency preparedness standards

27 November 2015

IAEA_GSR7_workshop_(Castillo-IAEA)_48New safety requirements on nuclear emergency preparedness and response published by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) incorporate lessons learned and developments since 2002, including lessons from Fukushima.

Energy Fuels sells non-core uranium assets

25 November 2015

As part of its ongoing asset rationalization strategy, Energy Fuels has sold several non-core uranium projects in the USA to enCore Energy Corporation. Energy Fuels plans to concentrate on its higher-grade, lower-cost projects.

Australia all set to supply uranium to the UAE

25 November 2015

Australia-UAE agreement finalized - 48Australia has finalized its nuclear cooperation agreement with the United Arab Emirates and will now supply uranium for use in the Middle Eastern country's developing nuclear power program. The announcement today, by the office of Australia's minister for foreign affairs, Julie Bishop, followed news last week that the Australia-India nuclear cooperation agreement had also been completed.

Momentum at last for UK nuclear industry?

The nuclear renaissance is on our doorstep and we have a one-off chance to maximise the opportunity, writes Jean Llewellyn.

October has been an exciting month for the UK nuclear industry with a deal agreed during the state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping for the Chinese to invest £6 billion ($9 billion) for a 33% share in the Hinkley Point C new build project and plans for them to take shares in two further plants. EDF Energy is now expected to make a final investment decision on HPC by the end of the year. 

These announcements have generated huge excitement and the press coverage has been significant with everyone feeling that the nuclear renaissance is finally gaining momentum. Clearly some of the coverage has been mixed with those of us in the industry seeing it as a great step forwards whilst those that oppose nuclear seeing it in a less positive light. However, no one can argue with the fact that a growing nuclear program has the potential to create jobs, provide opportunities for exciting career development and create opportunities for the UK supply chain. 


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