Urenco gets US regulatory approval to expand Eunice plant

31 March 2015

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has approved a licence amendment allowing Urenco to expand its Eunice enrichment plant.

The amendment is related to Louisiana Energy Services' (LES's) intention to expand its enrichment capacity at the Urenco USA facility by adding three new separation building modules (SBMs) and associated support facilities, in a phased approach over the next several years. Doing so would increase Urenco USA's total enrichment production capacity from 3.7 million separative work units (SWU) to 10 million SWU.

In June 2014, LES wrote to the NRC requesting authorization to modify its licence possession limit to 251,000,000 kilograms of uranium - natural, depleted, and daughter products, in the same chemical and physical form - up from the 136,120,000 kg amount that is currently authorized.

Finland starts building plug for repository tunnel

01 April 2015

Posiva, the Finnish waste management company, said today it has started construction of a heavy plug for the demonstration repository tunnel at its final repository and waste encapsulation plant at Olkiluoto. The underground characterisation facility is known as Onkalo.

Magnox expands with merger of RSRL

01 April 2015

The UK's Magnox Limited and Research Sites Restoration Limited (RSRL) have today merged to form a single organization operating as Magnox Limited. The combined business will be responsible for 12 nuclear sites.

NuScale upper module mock-up completed

31 March 2015

NuScale upper module mock-up - 48NuScale Power has completed fabrication and assembly of a full-scale upper module mock-up of its NuScale small modular reactor.

Russia completes design of underground radwaste research laboratory

01 April 2015

Russia's national operator for radioactive waste management (NO RAO) has completed the design documents for an underground research laboratory to study the feasibility of final disposal of solid high-level radioactive waste (HLW) and solid medium-level long-lived wastes in the Nizhnekansky granitoid rock massif in Zheleznogorsk. The waste would be stored at a depth of 450-525 m.

France's larger reactors OK for 40 years, says regulator

31 March 2015

ASN inspection 48 (ASN)French nuclear regulators have found no generic elements that would compromise the safety of the country's 1300 MWe nuclear reactors over a 40-year operating life.

Argentina, Bolivia sign agreement to develop nuclear energy

31 March 2015

Argentina and Bolivia have signed a cooperation agreement to promote and develop infrastructure and institutions for the peaceful use of nuclear energy, the Bolivian ministry of hydrocarbons and energy said on 28 March.

A path towards innovating nuclear energy

At the heart of the modern energy debate is a struggle between the need for more energy globally, while simultaneously achieving lower emissions. Nuclear energy is uniquely positioned to help respond to these duelling necessities, but innovative advancements must overcome considerable barriers, writes Todd Allen.


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