Sudden death of Khan Resources president

24 April 2015

Jim Doak, the president of uranium developer Khan Resources, passed away in his hotel room on 24 April, the company announced. The Canadian citizen was staying in Ulaanbataar for meetings with the Mongolian government. 

Khan said that Doak had completed a second series of meetings with representatives of the government of Mongolia. The company had been in a prolonged legal battle over the licenses to develop the Dornod uranium deposit, which the Mongolian government cancelled in 2009. Last month an international tribunal ruled that the Mongolian government must pay Khan Resources a settlement of $100 million.

"Jim's contribution to the success of the company has been enormous," said Khan CEO Grant Edey, "He was a very special and uniquely talented individual whose insights and decision-making abilities were off the scale. His integrity and the constant pursuit of the best interests of shareholders provided the basis for the company's strategies. He will be sorely missed, both by the company and by me personally as Jim and I had become very close friends over the years we worked together".

Russia's Rosatom outlines plans for Argentina

24 April 2015

Russia's Rosatom has released details of an inter-governmental agreement to build Argentina's sixth nuclear power reactor.

Minister approves Australian uranium project

24 April 2015

Greater_Bilby_(H_Hughes/Australian_Museum)_48The Kintyre uranium project in Western Australia has received environmental approval from the country's federal government.

Argentina, Russia sign nuclear reactor and fuel deals

23 April 2015

TVEL-NAEC-INVAP April 2015 - 48Russian President Vladimir Putin is to sign an agreement today, during a state visit to Moscow by Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, that paves the way for Rosatom to build a sixth nuclear reactor in the South American country.

Steam generator installation under way at Sanmen 2

24 April 2015

Sanmen 2 SG hoisting 48The first of two steam generators has been installed within the containment building of the second Westinghouse AP1000 unit under construction at the Sanmen plant in China's Zhejiang province.

China helps South Africa develop its nuclear workforce

24 April 2015

China-South Africa April 2015 - 48South Africa has signed two further nuclear energy cooperation agreements with China as part of preparations towards the possible construction of new nuclear power units. The move came as the first group of South African workers began a nuclear power plant training course at a Chinese university, as agreed under an earlier accord.

Mini subs retrieve Sellafield isotope gear

23 April 2015

Cobalt cartridge recovery at Sellafield - 48Miniature submarines are being used to recover cobalt cartridges dating back to the 1950s from storage ponds at the UK's Sellafield site. The cartridges were used for producing isotopes for medical and industrial applications.

An unsung hero makes its last voyage

Sturgis has gone largely unknown in marine circles and in nuclear energy circles, primarily because of the military nature of the entire project. While there were public materials circulated in the 1950s showing a US Army conceptual nuclear power barge that could be towed almost anywhere to provide power to shore, there was precious little published for public consumption when the project was brought from concept to actual hardware, writes Will Davis.

Officially known as MH-1A, the vessel was named Sturgis, after General Samuel D Sturgis, Jr. It held a single loop pressurized water type rated at 45 MWt and a turbine-generator to provide 10 MWe to a portable electric substation which the ship would take with it. This vessel, which operated as the world's first floating nuclear power plant from 1967 to 1976, has now begun its final voyage to decommissioning.


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