First fuel loaded at Fangjiashan 1

02 September 2014

Fangjiashan 1 fuel loading 250 (CNNC)

The process of loading fuel assemblies into the reactor core of unit 1 at the Fangjiashan plant in China's Zhejiang province has begun.

The first fuel assembly was loaded into the reactor's core at 3.25pm on 1 September, China National Nuclear Corporation announced. Approval for fuel loading had been received from the National Nuclear Security Administration earlier that day.

The process of loading all 157 assemblies into Fangjiashan 1's core is expected to take three days to complete. Trial operation of the CPR-1000 reactor will then begin, during which many tests will be carried out. The unit is scheduled to enter commercial operation by the end of this year.

Design completed for prototype fast reactor

02 September 2014

BREST 300 - 48Russian power engineering R&D institute NIKIET has completed the engineering design for the BREST-300 lead-cooled fast reactor.

Cavendish Fluor takes over UK nuclear sites

01 September 2014

Cavendish Fluor Partnership has been formally awarded the contract by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to manage 12 UK nuclear sites and their respective decommissioning programs.

Final solution for historic used fuel

29 August 2014

H-Canyon_(SRNS)_48All of the used nuclear fuel from a historic US experimental reactor that ceased operations half a century ago has been dissolved in an equally historic chemical processing plant, completing a major step towards final disposition of the material.

Olkiluoto 3 startup pushed back to 2018

01 September 2014

Olkiluoto_3_280714_(Hannu_Huovila/TVO)_48Finland's Olkiluoto 3 will start operations in 2018, 13 years after work began on the first-of-a-kind EPR, the Areva-Siemens consortium building the plant has informed client Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO).

Defueling completed at Sizewell A

29 August 2014

The final shipment of used fuel from the UK's Sizewell A nuclear power plant has been sent for reprocessing at Sellafield, marking the end of a five-year operation to remove all fuel from the site.

Hitachi collaborates on TRU-consuming reactor development

29 August 2014

Japan's Hitachi has begun further joint research with three US universities into the development of reactors that could use transuranic (TRU) elements as fuel. This could result in a significant decrease in the time needed for the decay in the radioactivity of used fuel.


China has formally launched its first indigenous nuclear power reactor design, with some French ancestry but born of two major internecine contests, writes Ian Hore-Lacy.

The Hualong One reactor design has passed its design certification by the National Nuclear Safety Administration and has now been launched with some fanfare by the National Energy Administration which brought it about by high-level edict.

The story starts in 2004 when the State Council approved building two power plants with Generation-III technology from overseas to step decisively ahead of the imported technology and first iteration of indigenous reactor designs then in operation. Read more... 

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