Roadmap to nuclear future

29 January 2015

Nuclear power is one of the most important technologies that can help the world to limit global warming to 2ºC, said OECD agencies in a Technology Roadmap for nuclear that spells out some steps to ensure this happens.

The report is jointly authored by two bodies, the International Energy Agency and the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency. Their Technology Roadmap Nuclear Energy is an update of a 2010 edition.

The Technology Roadmap begins by putting forth a future energy mix scenario in which 930 GWe of nuclear capacity provides 17% of electricity. Even though the use of electricity grows over the timeframe to 2050, this increase of nuclear power from 377 GWe today would contribute 13% of the emissions reduction needed to limit global warming.

Swiss regulator approves Mühleberg upgrades

29 January 2015

Muehleberg (ENSI) 48Switzerland's Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate has approved upgrades proposed by utility BKW for the continued operation of the Mühleberg nuclear power plant until 2019.

Rolls-Royce boron meters for French reactors

28 January 2015

UK-headquartered engineer Rolls-Royce is to supply boron measurement systems for the entire fleet of 900 MWe nuclear reactors in France owned and operated by EDF Group.

Energoatom faces ban in dealing with local supplier

27 January 2015

The Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine has for the second time upheld a complaint by a Russian company, Ukrspetsenergopostach, against Ukrainian nuclear power producer Energoatom.

Study finds Wyoming uranium project viable

29 January 2015

Shirley_Basin_drilling_1968_(DoE)_60x48Ur-Energy envisages operating Shirley Basin as a commercial satellite in situ leach (ISL) operation, processing the uranium at its existing facilities at Lost Creek after completion of a preliminary economic assessment (PEA) for the Wyoming project.

Horizon clears justification hurdle

28 January 2015

The regulatory justification process for Horizon Nuclear Power's choice of the Hitachi-GE's ABWR for build at Wylfa Newydd is now complete, after approval by both Houses of Parliament.

Australia and Kazakhstan report uranium production

27 January 2015

Olympic_Dam_uranium_(BHP_Billiton)_48Last year saw Australia's uranium production reach its lowest point since 1998 while Kazakhstan maintained its position as the world's largest uranium producer.

ONR's new role comes at crucial time for UK industry

December saw a key milestone for the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) with the publication of its first strategy as a statutory public corporation, writes Nick Baldwin, the ONR Chair.

Nuclear regulation in the UK has a long history, with the UK regulator taking several previous forms as part of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and building a well-deserved reputation as a world-class regulator. However, the government's ambition to make the UK a world leader in the safe, efficient use of nuclear energy created new pressures and expectations. The UK needed a regulator that could be more responsive to the demands of the new build agenda, the existing operational nuclear fleet, and the decommissioning of legacy nuclear facilities.


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