$1.2 billion home for Russian nuclear

14 December 2007

[Nuclear.Ru, 12 December] Plans have been revealed for a new office complex in Moscow that will become the new home for Russia's nuclear energy industry. A presentation on the new complex was hosted by the Alikhanov Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEF) on 11 December. The complex, which will include a 32-storey tower, will be built on land belonging to ITEF. Both Rosatom and Atomenergoprom will be housed in the new complex. Rosatom's office building will have 60,000 square metres of floor area and will house 2000 employees. Atomenergoprom and its affiliates - Rosenergoatom, TVEL, Tenex, AtomStroyExport, Atomenergomash and Uranium Mining Company - will be in another building with some 135,000 square metres of floor space. A third building, with 70,000 square metres of flooring, will house conference rooms, laboratories and lecture halls. The entire complex will also include a four-star hotel, a campus for students, sports and medical facilities, as well as a nuclear industry museum. Site preparation for the complex is expected to start in late 2008, with construction scheduled to be completed in 2011. The project construction cost will be some 30 billion roubles ($1.2 billion).

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