Test success at Urenco's new US plant

05 February 2010

Urenco announced that it had successfully completed the first low-frequency centrifuge spin test at its new National Enrichment Facility (NEF) in Eunice, New Mexico. The test confirmed the electrical and mechanical readiness of the centrifuges employed at the plant, the company said. Gregory Smith, chief operating officer and chief nuclear officer at Urenco USA (formerly Louisiana Energy Services, LES), commented: "The test runs a series of complex checks to ensure everything from the drive systems to the mechanical and power systems are working as required." Reinhard Hinterreither, president and CEO of Urenco USA, said, "This is a tremendous success. It confirms that we are on target to bring our first cascade online." The first cascade is expected online in early 2010. Urenco is currently awaiting approval from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to commence commercial operation of the plant.

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