Crane falls at Takahama

23 January 2017

How the crane came to rest (Image: Kansai) 

A construction crane collapsed in high winds at Takahama nuclear power plant on 20 January, coming to rest across the reactor and the fuel handling buildings of unit 2. Nobody was injured during the incident, which had no impact on safety within the buildings, according to plant owner Kansai Electric Power Company.

The crane was one of four on site supporting work to reinforce the existing concrete walls surrounding the containment vessels of units 1 and 2 and install a secondary dome on their containment buildings. Kansai had scheduled this to begin next month, with completion in mid to late 2019, around which time it hopes to bring the units back into operation. Kansai has furthermore secured a licence to operate units 1 and 2 until 2034 and 2035 respectively.

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by World Nuclear News

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