Chernobyl Confinement arch joined together

28 July 2015

Chernobyl - joining of the western and eastern parts of the arch - 460 (ChNPP)

The 'western' and 'eastern' halves of the arch of the New Safe Confinement (NSC) at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine have been joined together, SSE ChNPP, the state company tasked with managing the plant, said on 24 July.

The NSC will make the old Chernobyl shelter and remnants of the damaged reactor of unit 4 safe and environmentally secure. Completion of the project is scheduled for November 2017.

Construction of the NSC is being financed via the Chernobyl Shelter Fund, managed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as mandated by the G7 and on behalf of the contributors to the fund. The contract for the unprecedented design and construction project was awarded to the Novarka consortium led by the French construction companies Bouygues and Vinci in 2007.

Spanish site suitable for waste store

28 July 2015

Villar_de_Canas_48Spain's nuclear regulator has concluded that Villar de Cañas is a suitable site for a national high-level waste storage facility. However, it has requested additional technical studies and reports.

Vessel head for Haiyang 2

27 July 2015

Haiyang 2 vessel installation  48The reactor pressure vessel head for China's Haiyang 2 reactor has been lifted into place, marking another milestone in the construction of the AP1000.

Japan two weeks from return to nuclear power

27 July 2015

Kyushu Electric Power Company plans to apply to regulators for the final 'applied safety inspection' of Sendai 1 on 3 August. This check is expected to take one week, making 10 August a potential start-up date.

Russia puts back power supply dates for new reactors

28 July 2015

Russia's Market Council has approved the postponement of power supply agreements for new nuclear reactors in line with changes to their commissioning dates. During a visit to the construction site of Leningrad II, Rosatom head Sergey Kirienko said this meant the contract for the first unit of that plant would thus take effect on 1 January 2018.

PGE EJ1 rejects suggestion of further delay to plant project

27 July 2015

PGE EJ1 - the subsidiary of Polish state-owned energy group Polska Grupa Energetyczna set up to build and run Poland's first nuclear power plant - has rejected a report by Greenpeace that there is a seven-year delay to the project.

Necsa ready for South African new build

24 July 2015

Portfolio_Committee_at_Pelindaba_(Necsa)_48Necsa is ready to support South Africa's nuclear new build program using its existing capacities, the national nuclear corporation's leader has told the country's main parliamentary oversight committee.

The human side of nuclear safety

The 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan has, as might be expected, led to improvements in equipment at plants around the world that have fortified safety systems and allowed for better protection against rare, extreme natural events.
Equally important to the process of improving nuclear safety is the emphasis placed on implementing quality improvements to the 'human' side of nuclear safety, a crucial element that is often not considered by those outside the nuclear sector, writes William Magwood.


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