USA needs 'robust' nuclear industry for security

18 August 2017

A Washington, DC-based organisation led by former US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has called for greater federal-level recognition of the importance of the USA's nuclear energy supply chain to national security. In its first major report, Energy Future Initiatives (EFI) recommends immediate government action to support and encourage existing and future new-build projects and strengthen the supply chain.

EFI's report, The US Nuclear Energy Enterprise: A Key National Security Enabler, examines the role nuclear energy enterprises play in meeting national security imperatives as well as their contribution to supplying electricity and maintaining a "robust" associated supply chain. These, the report says, are "intimately connected with US leadership in global nuclear non-proliferation policy and norms and with the nation's nuclear security capabilities".

The report identifies three "externalities" as drivers for public sector support for nuclear energy: mitigating climate change risk; managing energy supply price risk by maintaining fuel diversity; and contributing to national security. Nuclear energy contributes to the USA's national security through its connection with the country's leadership in global nuclear non-proliferation policy and its nuclear security capabilities.

Stakeholders show interest in Canadian small reactor plans

21 August 2017

Chalk_River_long-term_strategy_vision_(CNL)-48Over 70 organisations have submitted responses to Canadian Nuclear Laboratories' request for expressions of interest in small modular reactors, including more than 15 expressions of interest in building a prototype or demonstration reactor.

Kyrgyzstan ratifies remediation agreement

18 August 2017

Mailuu-Suu_(European_Commission)-48All the basic conditions are now in place for remediation work to begin at several uranium legacy sites in Kyrgyzstan after the country ratified a framework agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The European Union is to provide an initial contribution of €16.5 million ($19.4 million) for the work.

Mayak receives nuclear sub fuel from Andreeva Bay

17 August 2017

Mayak - arrival of sub fuel - 48The first shipment of used nuclear fuel assemblies from Russian nuclear submarines has arrived at the radiochemical plant Mayak in Chelyabinsk, near the Ural Mountains, from the former base of the Russian Northern Fleet at Andreeva Bay.

CNNC decides against Langer Heinrich buyout

21 August 2017

Langer Heinrich sign (Paladin) 72x48The Langer Heinrich uranium mine in Namibia will remain under the ownership of Paladin Energy as the company goes through administration after joint venture partner CNNC Overseas Uranium Holdings decided not to exercise its option to acquire Paladin's share of the mine. Paladin owes EDF $277 million. million,

Ukraine hosts 'zero-failure fuel' working group

18 August 2017

Ukrainian state nuclear corporation Energoatom has this week hosted the working group created five years ago to achieve a zero-failure rate of nuclear fuel. The group visited the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant.

EDF ordered to check component records

17 August 2017

Areva - Creusot Forge - 48France's nuclear safety regulator has opened a public consultation on a draft decision governing the review of manufacturing files at Areva NP's Le Creusot forge. This draft decision requires EDF to examine the manufacturing records of all components produced by the facility that are in use at its operating nuclear power plants.

Environmentalists appeal to Macron for nuclear

An open letter to French president Emmanuel Macron warned him that closing nuclear power plants would be a step backward for France.

The letter was signed by 45 activists, writers and academics spearheaded by eminent climate scientist James Hansen as well as Kerry Emanuel and Francois-Marie Breon, the lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment report.

"If France is to make investments in solar and wind similar to those of Germany, they should add to France's share of clean energy, not inadvertently reduce it," they wrote.


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