Japanese bill seeks to support reprocessing business

09  February 2016

Rokkasho (JNFL) 460x246

The Japanese cabinet has approved a bill aimed at "taking measures necessary for the steady implementation of the reprocessing of used nuclear fuel". The bill creates a new entity responsible for reprocessing and introduces a new system for funding it.

At a meeting on 5 February, the cabinet approved the bill "to amend the part of the law on funding and management of the reserve fund for the reprocessing of used fuel in nuclear power generation".

In a statement the same day, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry noted that reprocessing and the use of mixed-oxide fuel are key parts of the Basic Energy Plan approved by the cabinet in April 2014. However, the ministry said that with the full liberalization of the country's retail electricity market starting in April, increased competition could have major impacts on business environment surrounding nuclear power. This, it suggests, could mean the reprocessing business may "stagnate" as nuclear operators could struggle to secure the necessary stable funds.

Russia strengthens nuclear research and development ties

09 February 2016

Rosatom-Kurchatov Institute - February 2016 - 48Russia's Kurchatov Institute and state nuclear corporation Rosatom have signed a cooperation agreement "to harness synergies in the joint development of promising new technologies and the modernization of existing technology in the nuclear power and energy transport sector".

Fox Lake debuts in Cameco quarterly report

08 February 2016

UPDATED Cameco has reported resource figures for the Fox Lake uranium deposit for the first time, at the end of a quarter which also saw the company write down CAD 210 million ($151 million) related to its Rabbit Lake operation.

India joins nuclear liability convention

05 February 2016

India_CSC_ratification_(IAEA-Calma)_48India yesterday deposited its instrument of ratification of the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Euratom to continue participation in GIF

08 February 2016

An EU Council of Ministers working group has recommended the European Atomic Energy Community's (Euratom's) participation in the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) be extended for a further ten years. The final adoption of this decision by the Council of Ministers is expected soon.

Expert groups call for Swiss repository studies to include third site

08 February 2016

Two Swiss expert groups have today released reports supporting the repository siting proposals put forward by the country's national radioactive waste disposal cooperative Nagra. However, they call for further investigations to be carried out in the Nördlich Lägern region.

UK regulator charts progress of event reporting

05 February 2016

The UK's Office for Nuclear Regulation today published a list of events reported to the authority over 14 years and has concluded that "the total number has increased over recent years, but the number of those that are of nuclear safety significance has not".

In the public eye: nuclear energy and society

On 3 December, the UK nuclear industry published its Concordat on Public Engagement. Andrew Sherry, who has led the work as part of the Nuclear Industry Council, explains why.

The UK is set to embark on a new nuclear build program that is expected to see around 16 GWe added to the electricity grid over the next 10 to 15 years, effectively replacing the ageing fleet of advanced gas-cooled reactors. At the same time, the UK is delivering a program of decommissioning and waste management that will ultimately see a new geological repository built to house the legacy of higher-level nuclear waste. These large infrastructure projects provide around 40,000 direct jobs in a sector that reaches to all corners of the country. However, as with all infrastructure projects, society has a voice and the successful delivery of both new power stations and the waste repository will be dependent upon broad acceptance from the public.


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