Approval for next UAE nuclear units

16 September 2014

As regulatory approval is granted for the construction of Barakah units 3 and 4, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has stepped up efforts to develop a skilled Emirati workforce to staff the country's growing nuclear sector.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) board of management approved ENEC's application to build two additional Korean-designed APR1400 pressurized water reactors yesterday. The licence permits ENEC to construct the reactors, as well as to import equipment and technology exclusively for use in the project and to conduct activities related to the construction project, but not to operate the reactors. For that, the company must apply for a separate operating licence. According to FANR, ENEC is expected to apply next year for a licence to operate the first two Barakah units. Unit 1 is expected to come on line in 2017, with unit 2 following in 2018.

Site preparation work is already under way for units 3 and 4 under a limited construction licence from FANR. The approval of the full construction licence will enable the company to go ahead with pouring initial safety concrete. The units are scheduled to enter operation in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Duke Energy buys back Crystal River stake

16 September 2014

Orlando Utilities Commission has reached agreement to sell back its stake in the shut down Crystal River 3 nuclear power plant in Florida to Duke Energy, OUC spokesman Tim Trudell said today.


Decision nears on Finnish approval amendments

16 September 2014

Finland's minister of economic affairs is recommending that the government approves a supplement to Fennovoima's decision in principle for the Hanhikivi plant. He is also proposing it rejects an extension to that of TVO for the fourth unit at Olkiluoto.

New trends in financing

15 September 2014

Nadira Barkatullah - WNA Sympo 2014 - 48Financing nuclear power plants is "challenging but viable" with new financing trends emerging to support nuclear new build, Nadira Barkatullah, director of economic regulation at the Regulation and Supervision Bureau of the United Arab Emirates said. 

Insurers can help improve the image of nuclear

16 September 2014

Third party financial limits have not kept pace with the development of either the insurance sector or the nuclear industry, says Mark Tetley, managing director of the power, nuclear and construction division at Lloyd's broker Price Forbes.

China passes construction milestones

15 September 2014

Haiyang 2 RPV installation 48The reactor pressure vessel has been installed in the second AP1000 unit under construction at the Haiyang nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, first concrete has been poured for the foundation of the conventional island for the HTR-PM at Shidaowan.

Vendors adapt to financing role

15 September 2014

Jerry Hopwood - Candu Energy WNA Sympo 2014 - 48Nuclear power reactor vendors have been forced to adapt to the fact that governments are no longer willing to assume the risks associated with nuclear new build projects, Jerry Hopwood, vice president of product development at Candu Energy, said on 12 September.


To attract financial institutions to new build projects, the nuclear power industry needs to avoid 'nuke-speak' and learn to talk like a banker, writes George Borovas.

Here is a guide to some of the commonly used - and potentially misinterpreted - terms.

Industry says: latest technology

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