CGN to invest in new Cernavoda units

20 October 2014

Cernavoda 3 and 4 - 250 (Nuclearelectrica)

China General Nuclear (CGN) has been designated as the "selected investor" for the development of units 3 and 4 at Romania's Cernavoda nuclear power plant. A letter of intent has been signed to complete the two units.

Romanian state-owned nuclear utility Nuclearelectrica announced on 17 October that it had selected CGN as an investor in the project. CGN was the only company to submit a non-binding bid by the 9 September deadline for the contract to build the two new reactors.

On the same day, Nuclearelectrica and CGN signed a joint letter of intent to complete the two units.

Areva head steps down on ill health

20 October 2014

Luc Oursel (Areva) 48Luc Oursel has stepped down from his position as CEO of Areva citing the need to pursue treatment and a personal battle against illness.


Yeniseysky underground laboratory by 2024

17 October 2014

Russia's national operator for radioactive waste management aims to build by 2024 an underground research laboratory tasked with studying the possibility of final waste disposal of high-level radioactive waste in the Nizhnekansky Granite Massif in Krasnoyarsk.

Ukraine's regulatory chief ousted

17 October 2014

Ukraine dismissed 39 high-ranking officials yesterday as a new law "On power purification" came into effect.

Loan for continued Petten operation

20 October 2014

Petten 48The Dutch government will provide a loan so that necessary upgrades can be made to enable the aging Petten research reactor to operate for a further ten years, by which time its replacement should have started up.

Oldbury defuelling reaches halfway point

17 October 2014

Oldbury_ponds_(NDA)_48Over half the 52,060 used nuclear fuel elements at the former Magnox nuclear power plant at Oldbury in the UK have now been removed from site, two and a half years after the plant generated its last power.

Vietnam consults Lightbridge on research reactor

17 October 2014

US-based Lightbridge Corp has extended its nuclear cooperation with Vietnam by agreeing to offer consultancy services for setting up a nuclear research centre, including a research reactor, in the country.

A long view of nuclear

More than a century has passed since radiation and nuclear energy were discovered and the image of those energy sources has undergone much evolution with the passing of several cultural waves, each of which left its mark on the public's perception and attitude to nuclear power, writes Jeremy Gordon.
At the time radiation was discovered, in 1898, science was in an era of rapid progress with new inventions changing the world before their downsides were known. There were no controls on what was said about radiation and deliberate myth-making by some early nuclear scientists and salesmen connected radiation deeply with biology and life, while also supposing that radiation possessed almost unlimited potential in these areas and others.
Although these ideas proved to be fantasies, they were in parallel with a concept that had been developing in several science fiction novels - that of a 'mad scientist' who through error or misjudgement might accidentally unleash a force beyond his control or even destroy the world. So it is no wonder that, as the world stood horrified by the destruction by the first atomic bombs during the last days of World War II, the nuclear scientists themselves were also shocked to the core.


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