Algeria-US accord on nuclear cooperation

11 June 2007

[Reuters, 9 June] Algeria signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with the USA on 9 June, according to a report from Reuters. The agreement, which was signed by William Tobey, deputy administrator of the US Department of Energy (DoE), and Algeria's Energy and Mines Secretary, General Abbas Faisal, covers cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy and the management of radioactive wastes. Under the so-called "Sister Lab" agreement, US laboratories will cooperate with researchers in Algeria on projects of common interest. Algeria plans to publish a law on the use of civilian nuclear power soon. Algeria reportedly plans to sign similar agreements with South Africa and Egypt. Although the country has no immediate plans for nuclear energy, Algeria's government has said that nuclear could be part of the country's future energy mix. Two research reactors are currently in operation in Algeria: the 15 MWt Salam reactor in Ain Ouassara that was supplied by China and the 3 MWt Nour reactor at Draria near Algiers that was provided by Argentina. Algeria signed a deal with Russia in January 2007 on possible nuclear cooperation.

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