Aliens eye up Australian waste site

26 March 2010

It appears that it is not only Australia's federal government that is interested in a site in Northern Territory, proposed for a national radioactive waste repository. According to Ray Aylett, manager of Muckaty Station, UFOs have been hovering over Tennant Creek, where two sites are under consideration for the repository, the Northern Territory News reported. He said, "At one of the sites, two UFOs followed me - I was going to Helen Springs and two followed me along the road." Aylett, who is a councillor in the Barkly Shire, added, "I thought 'bugger you, if you wanna go past, I'll pull over.' I pulled over and they went. Later, when I got to the Helen Springs turnoff, two came in front of me - in the same night!" He noted, "They've been coming ever since I've been at Muckaty, for 13 years. They're funny things, I reckon there are people on Earth, so there have got to be people out there." Aylett said, "I keep getting out the torch, I wanna get them down to have a beer or a steak but they won't come down." He commented, "Everybody reckons I'm mad, but you've gotta be hunting them."