Another option for Hanhikivi

05 April 2013

Fennovoima has invited Rosatom to participate in "direct negotiations" on the supply of a mid-sized AES-2006 reactor for its planned Hanhikivi plant in Finland. Toshiba's larger EU-ABWR is also under consideration.

AES-2006 plant (ASE) 460
How a single-unit AES-2006 plant, as under consideration for Hanhikivi, could appear (Image: AtomStroyExport)

The Finnish company said that direct negotiations with Rosatom will start immediately on its proposal for the supply of its 1200 MWe AES-2006 pressurized water reactor model for the single-unit plant near Pyhäjoki on the western coast of Finland.

In February, Fennovoima launched a two-phase study into the possibility of building a mid-sized nuclear reactor at Hanhikivi despite inviting Toshiba to take part in negotiations about proposals for its 1600 MWe EU-ABWR boiling water reactor at the site.

The study comprises a preliminary assessment of different alternatives for a single-unit light water reactor of 1000-1300 MWe capacity and will include technical feasibility, licensability, economic and financial feasibility and project schedule. A second phase in which the company will invite bids from the options it decides are suitable would follow, with a detailed schedule agreed on a case-by-case basis.

The initial phase of that assessment was completed at the end of March. In addition to Rosatom's AES-2006, Fennovoima said that proposals for mid-sized reactor designs from Areva, Areva-Mitsubishi and Toshiba had also been under consideration as part of the assessment.

Two commercial bids were submitted for the Hanhikivi plant in January 2012: Toshiba's EU-ABWR and Areva's EPR. As a result of its evaluations, Fennovoima's board of directors decided to terminate the bidding process and instead to proceed with a new supplier selection process. The company accordingly elected to continue direct negotiations regarding the EU-ABWR.

Whether it decides to go for a large or mid-sized reactor, Fennovoima says it intends to select a plant supplier for Hanhikivi during 2013.

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