Bolivia plans investment in nuclear

03 October 2014

Bolivia is to invest more than $2 billion in the development of nuclear energy over the next decade, the country's president has announced.

Evo Morales 250 (ABI)
President Morales speaking in La Paz yesterday (Image: Bolivian Information Agency)

Evo Morales said that the South American country would invest the money in order to "become the powerhouse of the region." He said that Bolivia's nuclear energy program will "streamline and strengthen the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, in addition to improving food preservation, seeds, soil and pest control with the installation of an irradiation plant." Morales added that the country plans to install a cyclotron PET/CT linear accelerator as well as a nuclear research reactor.

Speaking at the signing of an agreement for the construction of a hydroelectric plant, Morales said, "I am convinced that a country that has energy security is released, is an independent country." He added, "The best way to free ourselves is also having nuclear energy for peaceful purposes."

In July, following a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, Morales said that Russia had offered Bolivia "a comprehensive plan for the development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes."

Bolivia has also held discussion with Argentina about its cooperation to support a nuclear power program in Bolivia, and an agreement was signed in May 2013. Iran and France have also offered Bolivia support.

Last week, Marcelino Quispe, president of the Mining Corporation of Bolivia (Comibol), announced that a preliminary study in the northeastern department of Santa Cruz had identified a uranium deposit.

According to Quispe, Comibol has begun negotiations with Russia and France to attract investment and explore the deposit. He said it is not yet known how much uranium the deposit holds.

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