Brazil to select nuclear site in 2008

24 August 2007

[Business News Americas, 23 August] The Brazilian government will decide in 2008 where to build new nuclear power plants, Othon Luiz Pinheiro, president of Eletronuclear, told an industry conference in Rio de Janeiro. He said, "This will be a very important decision since we plan to build our next six nuclear plants on a single site." He said that putting many reactors on a single site would allow for economies of scale. Brazil plans to add 8 GWe of nuclear generating capacity by 2030. Pinheiro said that nuclear energy was important to Brazil as "we cannot store wind or solar energy." In November 2006 the government announced plans to complete Angra 3 and also build four further 1000 MWe nuclear units from 2015. An additional four reactors could follow by 2030. Angra 3 construction approval was confirmed by Brazil's National Energy Policy Council in June 2007, subject to Presidential approval. The 1224 MWe Angra 3 unit was part of the same contract as Angra 2 and was designed to be a twin of it. While 70% of the equipment is on site, construction has not started. The Angra 1 and 2 units currently generate 4% of Brazil's electricity.

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