CNL launches Centre for Reactor Sustainability

04 October 2018

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) has launched the Centre for Reactor Sustainability (CRS), bringing together its broad research capabilities in support of the sustainable, long-term operations of the world's fleet of nuclear power reactors.

The CRS initiative was launched yesterday during a meeting of the 21st Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference in San Francisco (Image: CNL)

CNL describes the CRS as a "virtual centre with the mission to revolutionise nuclear power plants using technologies to sustain reliable and affordable nuclear reactors". The new centre, it said, will "help make nuclear power plants even more efficient and reliable, support reactor life extension and long-term operation, and enable plant modernisation through innovative technologies and inspection services".

The CRS will leverage CNL's specialised knowledge and experience to provide services to utilities and their suppliers in five key research areas. These are: ageing management, including post-irradiation examination; fuel characterisation; operational support and failure response; chemistry control, monitoring and optimisation; and, specialised inspection and maintenance tooling.

"CNL's Chalk River Laboratories is recognised around the world for its work to support the life extension and efficiency of nuclear power reactors," said CNL President and CEO Mark Lesinski. "CNL and the nuclear supply chain work together to deliver an integrated approach to reactor sustainability, leading to major costs savings and efficiency improvements for safe nuclear operations."

Corey McDaniel, vice-president of business development at CNL, added: "The nuclear industry continuously innovates to remain economically competitive. CRS offers tools and expertise to solve the most difficult, specialised problems, and to enable reactor sustainability throughout the global nuclear industry."

"The word sustainability gets discussed often, but we are taking a holistic interpretation of the term," said Kathryn McCarthy, vice-president of research and development at CNL. "Sustainability is about more than licence renewal and licence extension; it's about economic competitiveness as well."

Researched and written by World Nuclear News