China Guodian proposes Fujian plant

07 December 2007

[Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 6 December; China Daily, 7 December] China Guodian Corp, one of the country's five leading power producers, has reportedly proposed constructing a nuclear power plant in Zhangzhou, Fujian province. The company has established a division to work on the project. The plant is planned to consist of "several" 1000 MW reactors. An unnamed company source has said these will be Westinghouse AP1000 units. He noted that the project is still at an early stage and has not yet received government approval. However, spokesman Vaughn Gilbert said that "Westinghouse has not received notification of additional sale of its AP1000 in China over and above the four for which we signed a contract in July." Two of these reactors will be constructed at Haiyang, Shandong province and the other two will be built at Sanmen, Zhejiang province. Guodian had an installed power capacity of 44,450 MW by the end of 2006. Most of its plants are thermal and hydro: the Zhangzhou plant would be its first nuclear one.

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