Eskom to sign new plant deal in 2008

27 September 2007

[Engineering News, 26 September] South Africa's state utility Eskom is hoping to sign a letter of consent with its preferred bidder to build a new nuclear power plant in 2008, according to a company spokesman. Areva and Westinghouse have already been identified as the contender vendors to build the country's first new nuclear power plant in over 20 years. Tony Stott, nuclear stakeholder senior management manager, is reported to have said: "At the moment we are hoping to have construction start at the end of 2010," although he described the program as "optimistic and ambitious." The first plant, with a capacity of 3200-3300 MW, would take at least six years to build. According to Stott, the environmental impact assessment for the plant will be submitted in 2009, and will run parallel to commercial negotiations.

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