Extract 'rebrands' Rössing South project

04 November 2010

Extract Resources is "rebranding" its Rössing South uranium project in Namibia, the company's CEO, Jonathan Leslie, announced at its AGM. He said, "When we began exploration, a mere six kilometres south of Rio Tinto's existing Rössing mine, we called our deposit Rössing South." Leslie added, "However, we are conscious that use of the Rössing name has the potential to cause confusion given the proximity of the two and we believe our deposit and our project deserve their own name." He said, "We have always referred to the project as the Husab Uranium Project, and we have decided that our future mine will be known as the Husab Mine." Husab means "place of the water hole." Extract plans to apply for a mining licence for the Husab Uranium Project – currently ranked as the fifth largest uranium-only deposit in the world – later this year.