Fennovoima obtains more land in Kristinestad

01 May 2008

Fennovoima announced on 30 April that it has leased some 250 hectares of land in Kristinestad, in western Finland, from six private landowners. The agreements include an option for it to purchase the land, on the north side of Storträsket lake, which is sufficient to site a nuclear power plant. Fennovoima said that because of technical regional planning, a nuclear power plant could be located some distance from the lake shoreline. The company said that cooling water could be transported by underground and underwater tunnels "that can be kilometres long if needed." Kristinestad specified that Fennovoima must obtain sufficient land for a nuclear power plant before the municipality would start its land planning. Fennovoima is currently conducting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) in Kristinestad, Pyhäjoki, Ruotsinpyhtää and Simo for a potential nuclear power plant. The company has also made land purchases in the other municipalities.