Fennovoima rules out Kristinestad as plant site

06 June 2008

Fennovoima announced that it has completed technical preplanning at four potential locations in Finland for a new nuclear power plant and has decided to proceed to technical planning at three of them. In December 2007, the company said that it had narrowed its search down from a possible six municipalities to four. Fennovoima says that its technical preplanning studies have shown that conditions in Pyhäjoki, Ruotsinpyhtää and Simo are "very favourable for locating a new nuclear power plant." However, in Kristinestad, "the project has divided the decision-makers of Kristinestad in two groups in a way that in Fennovoima's view prevents the city from possessing the conditions necessary for carrying out the project consistently." The company plans to complete its Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a new plant in September and to submit its application for a decision-in-principle to the Finnish government by early 2009.