Fortum launches Loviisa 3 EIA process

04 June 2007

Fortum of Finland has launched an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the proposed third reactor at the Loviisa nuclear power plant. The EIA will consider the construction of a new 1000-1800 MWe plant at the site. Fortum intends to submit the EIA program to the country's Ministry of Trade and Industry by the end of June. Once the ministry's statement on the program has been received, work on the actual EIA report can begin. Fortum plans to submit the final EIA report to the ministry in June 2008. Last week, Teollisuuden Voima Oy (TVO) submitted its EIA program to the ministry for a possible fourth reactor at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant. TVO's EIA will also consider the construction of a 1000-1800 MWe unit at the site.

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