Four possible sites for Fennovoima

20 December 2007

The Fennovoima consortium has namedanother site in Finland it will study as a potential location for a newnuclear power plant. In January 2008 the company will start anEnvironmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure consideringKristinestad, Pyhajoki, Ruotsinpyhtaa and Simo, opening offices in eachmunicipality. By the autumn, an EIA Report is to be submitted to theMinistry of Employment and Industries. Fennovoima announced that it hasdecided that two smaller reactors could be an option, as well as onelarge one. It said the EIA would "address a nuclear power plant rated1500-2500 MWe. The plant may have one reactor of 1500-1800 MWe, or tworeactors of 1000-1250 MWe." Over 60 companies make up Fennovoima, manyof the large industrial consumers of power.

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