Framatome launches expansion of Lynchburg site

26 April 2024

Framatome has broken ground on a USD50 million expansion of its Operational Center of Excellence in Lynchburg, Virginia, which provides specialised training and tooling to service and maintain North America's nuclear power plant fleet and develops solutions for advanced and small modular reactors.

(Image: Framatome)

The project includes expanding the site to accommodate more than 500 new employees, refurbishing its nuclear training centre to support the next generation of small and advanced reactor technologies, modernising existing office spaces and conference rooms, and increasing capacity for an innovation and design school.

The Mill Ridge Road site is the hub of Framatome's Installed Base Business Unit in North America. This facility includes the 2500-square-metre non-contaminated Technical Training Center and the Outage Control Center. The site also serves as the primary location of the Installed Base engineering organisation.

The company said its expansion of the Mill Ridge Road facility is also complemented by modernisations to its facilities on Old Forest Road and Mount Athos Road.

The Old Forest Road site is Framatome's main facility in Lynchburg, hosting corporate support functions and engineers assisting the Fuel and Instrumentation and Control (I&C) Business Units. It is also home to the Nuclear Parts Center and the industry’s SAFER emergency response control centre.

The Mount Athos Road site has four service centers: the Pump & Motor Service Center; the Contaminated Refurbishment Center; the Chemistry & Materials Center; and the Outage Equipment Support Center.

"These investments build on over half a century of collaboration from local and state leaders and support US utilities," Framatome said. "They are critical for the sustainability of the existing fleet and the advancement of nuclear energy."

"Today's groundbreaking embodies the heart of Framatome's vision of high-performing people and technologies for safe and competitive nuclear power plants in the US and worldwide," said Catherine Cornand, senior executive vice president of Framatome's lnstalled Base Business Unit. "Continuous development of our facilities and our teams' skills represent our commitment to customers and the nuclear industry as we stand ready to meet the world's growing clean energy demand."

Craig Ranson, executive vice president of the lnstalled Base Business Unit at Framatome in North America, added: "The journey to a sustainable energy future is a collective endeavour that requires passion and commitment from our employees, as well as unwavering support from communities and government officials. Today is a significant milestone in our growth fueled by government investment and inspired by the need for carbon-free energy solutions."

Researched and written by World Nuclear News