GDA information boost

12 August 2009

Information on Westinghouse's worldwide license applications and build projects is now available from a new website, one of a trio offering public information on the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) process.


A new website from the company focused on public information related to the application for Generic Design Assessment in the UK. It is one of a handful that support the UK nuclear regulators efforts for public information and gathering comment from the public. Westinghouse's new site is integrated with US-focused and a Chinese-language versions covering those regions.


The other company involved in the GDA process, Areva, also has a site specifically covering its EPR design. The regulator, the Health and Safety Executive has made efforts to involve the public as well as to be as detailed as possible about the status of the process and the logic behind it.


GDA is now over half-way through, with the HSE set to deliver approval on the two reactors at the end of June 2011. However, should the vendors be unable to satisfy the HSE on the suitability of any aspect of their designs, those areas could be subject to 'exclusion' from the GDA statement and subject to further licensing processes before build is allowed.