Podcast: GE Hitachi's Jay Wileman, and the need for regulatory harmonisation

01 February 2023

What can be done to improve the process of getting approval for one reactor design in different countries? President and CEO of GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Jay Wileman, explains the issues and the efforts being made to improve things.


The design review and licensing process in one country can cost a reactor vendor up to USD250 million and, Wileman says, regulatory differences across borders also introduce cost and outcome uncertainty and slow down the process of getting new nuclear capacity at a time when it is needed to decarbonise many countries’ energy generation.

Also in this episode, Ronan Tanguy, joint programme lead of World Nuclear Association’s Cooperation in Reactor Design Evaluation and Licensing (CORDEL) working group, outlines its aims, and provides some examples of how a seemingly small design requirement can have a big knock-on effect.

The WNN news round-up for January

It has been a busy start to the year and World Nuclear News's Warwick Pipe and Claire Maden join host Alex Hunt to discuss the positive nuclear policy changes in countries stretching from Sweden to South Korea, and also outline expectations of as many as 10 reactor start-ups scheduled for 2023. There is also an update on the US strategic reserve of domestically produced uranium.

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