In pictures: Refurb of 125-metre cooling tower at Mochovce

17 May 2022

Slovenské Elektrárne has released a series of photos of work on a cooling tower at unit 1 of the nuclear power plant which has extended its life to 2060 and enabled an increase in power output.

Work on the cooling tower (Image: Slovenské Elektrárne/Daniel Kurta)

The reconstruction work began last October and was necessary “due to the condition of its concrete structures and the gradual degradation of the internal structure”, the company said.

It said that there were 154 deliveries of precast concrete. The cladding, both the inner and outer parts, covering 50,000 square metres was reprofiled with new coatings. During the project, 350 vehicles were required to remove sludge, while asbestos was also removed.

(Image: Slovenské Elektrárne)

(Image: Slovenské Elektrárne)

Martin Mráz, director of the Mochovce plant, said: "When we finally decided to do a complete reconstruction of the tower ... I had some concerns, especially in terms of implementation. However, the benefits of the actual reconstruction prevailed and the reality confirms it. The technology of the tower itself is different, we have fewer 'stands' in the tower, the heat exchange surface is larger and also the height of the cooling filler is higher. Overall, it should give us 3 to 4 MWe extra, so we are satisfied."

(Image: Slovenské Elektrárne)

(Image: Slovenské Elektrárne)

He said another advantage was that now it would be possible to divide the tower into smaller sections, which should help in freezing weather as it will not mean the entire tower needs to be shut down. The reconstruction of Tower 12 is due to begin in September. Slovakia has four nuclear reactors, generating half of its electricity, with two more under construction.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News