India's Haryana state considers nuclear

02 October 2007

[HT Media, 2 October] The government of the northern Indian state of Haryana, one of the country's most industrialized states, reportedly plans to construct a 1600 MWe nuclear power plant by 2012 in order to meet growing demand. The state has a demand of 8900 MW, but currently generates just 1587 MW. Haryana receives 4000 MW of electricity from India's central pool. In order to continue attracting investors, the state is turning to nuclear energy as it lacks resources such as coal, gas or wind. The plant, which would cost some $2.5 billion, would be built with the assistance of Nuclear Power Corp of India Ltd (NPCIL). The plant would be sited at the village of Kumaharia, near Fatehabad. An unidentified Haryana government official said, "The funding for the entire project will be borne by the state government." Current Indian laws currently only allow NPCIL to set up nuclear power plants. However, if the nuclear cooperation agreement between India and the USA is completed, this could change to allow private sector companies and other state-owned companies to construct such plants.

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