Kazakhstan and China further cooperation

30 November 2016

Officials from KazAtomProm - the world's biggest uranium producer - and the Kazakh government have visited China for talks on enhanced cooperation in the uranium mining and nuclear power sectors. The Kazakh delegation was headed by Askar Mamin, first deputy prime minister of Kazakhstan.

Askar Zhumagaliyev, CEO of KazAtomProm, met with Zhang Shanming, director-general of China General Nuclear (CGN) and Qian Zhimin, general manager of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

KazAtomProm said today that Zhumagaliyev had discussed a wide range of issues related to nuclear power development, and that the parties had "underlined good progress in cooperation between the companies, successful efforts on joint uranium mining projects and fuel assembly plant construction", among other areas of cooperation.

They also exchanged views on uranium transit through China and the supply of Kazakh uranium products to that country.

Zhumagaliyev invited his Chinese colleagues to participate in the international conference and exhibition Astana EXPO-2017 "to demonstrate China's latest technologies and achievements in the promotion of the peaceful uses of nuclear power".

In September, the two countries took a step closer to the supply of Kazakh fuel pellets to Chinese companies. The relevant documents enabling such transactions were signed between Ulba Metallurgical Plant, a KazAtomProm subsidiary, and CGNPC-URC, a subsidiary of CGN.

These followed agreements KazAtomProm signed with Chinese companies at the end of last year. They included one for the development of Kazakh uranium mines and the construction of a nuclear fuel plant in Kazakhstan.

Researched and written
by World Nuclear News