Man killed in clash with police

21 April 2011

[Economic Times, 18 April; Times of India, 20, 21 April] Serious violence erupted in India's Sakhri Nate village in parallel with a demonstration against the proposed Jaitapur nuclear power plant. Police officers were occupied preparing for a protest at the Jaitapur site when 600-700 people attacked the police station in the village, Maharastra home minister R R Patil told the state assembly. Officers fired into the air after some of their number were hurt and patrol cars set ablaze, but this failed to control the situation. Officers then fired into the crowd, hitting and killing 30-year-old fisherman Tavrez Sejkar. In following days the local area was shut down by a general strike promoted by the Shiv Sena party. The local hospital was attacked to prevent Sejkar's post-morten examination and buses were set ablaze. Some 2000 people attended Sejkar's funeral and an inquest has been promised into the order to shoot.