NEI issues new efficiency recommendations

03 November 2016

The US Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) has launched three new bulletins of efficiency recommendations to nuclear plant operators under its Delivering the Nuclear Promise, an initiative to improve operational effectiveness at plant sites. The bulletins address supply chain issues and streamlined work management.

The Washington, DC-based NEI launched Delivering the Nuclear Promise in December 2015. The three-year program aims to identify efficiency measures and adopt best practices and technology solutions to improve operations, reduce electricity generating costs and prevent premature reactor closures. Industry teams led by chief nuclear officers are identifying improvements to programs such as work management, security and engineering. The goal is to implement these efficiency initiatives in a planned and thoughtful way and realize their economic benefits.

The first two bulletins aim to improve nuclear plant supply chain efficiency. Optimise Strategic Sourcing to Deliver Savings (EB 16-29) will reorganise, standardise and prioritise sourcing for parts and systems. Material Cost Reduction While Maintaining Quality (EB 16-30) will help increase efficiency via more cost-effective procurement methods. These two bulletins will be implemented at each utility's discretion.

The third new bulletin, Pre-Approval Criteria for Work Execution (EB 16-31), will allow work activities that have limited control room or plant impact to be carried out without obtaining pre-approval from the control room or work control centre. This, the NEI says, will allow workers to be assigned more promptly to the field, improving productivity. The implementation deadline for the bulletin is June 2017.

In total, 34 of the 37 bulletins planned for publication this year have now been issued.

Researched and written
by World Nuclear News