OECD nuclear generation dips in 2007

16 July 2008

Nuclear power plants provided 21.6% of the electricity generated in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries in 2007, compared with 22.9% in 2006, according to the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). The total amount of electricity generated by nuclear power in OECD countries was 2172 TWh in 2007, some 3.6% less than in 2006. Record output at reactors in Finland, Hungary and the USA failed to offset reduced production in France, Germany and Japan, together with plant closures in Slovakia and the UK. According to the 2008 edition of the NEA's Nuclear Energy Data (commonly known as the 'Brown Book'), at the start of 2008 there were 346 reactors in operation in 17 OECD countries, with 14 units - representing 14.2 GWe of new generating capacity - under construction. In addition, firm commitments have been made for a further 13 reactors. The NEA noted that plans to increase uranium enrichment capacity progressed during 2007 with the ongoing construction of new enrichment plants in France and the USA.