Organisations team up on global nuclear skills

22 February 2011

A collaboration agreement for the development of excellence in skills for the global nuclear energy industry has been signed between the USA's Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) and the UK's National Skills Academy for Nuclear. 


INPO-NSAN Feb 2011
INPO vice president Dave Igyarto oversees the signing of the agreement by Lisa Brattin of INPO and Jean Llewellyn of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear.

The National Skills Academy for Nuclear was set up by the UK government in 2008 to develop a standardized and coordinated approach to education, training and skills development in the nuclear sector. It has since completed work on a 'passport' standard for training developed in-house by firms in the nuclear sector.


INPO is a not-for-profit organization established by the US nuclear power industry in 1979 to promote the highest levels of safety and reliability in the operation of commercial nuclear power plants. The organisation integrates the training efforts of US nuclear utilities through the National Academy for Nuclear Training.


In a statement, the National Skills Academy for Nuclear said, "Both organisations will now use their expertise to enhance the skills development on an international level through the establishment of high standards and expectations for the nuclear industry training, education and qualifications."


The two organisations will collaborate in the participation of activities that support and promote effective nuclear training and education. They will also collaboratively support the development of excellence in skills for the global nuclear industry. They have also agreed to share and implement the outcomes of benchmarking activities.


Jean Llewellyn, chief executive of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear, said: "The Skills Academy has been very successful for the nuclear industry in the UK and the lessons and the expertise that we have gained on raising skills levels will be invaluable to our input into the collaboration." She added, "Looking at skills for nuclear on an international level is going to be a very challenging agenda, but it is a challenge that both organisations have the knowledge and drive to really make a difference."


INPO president and CEO Jim Ellis commented, "The US commercial nuclear power industry has long valued the role of training in improving nuclear plant safety and performance." He added, "The ability to share the best international practices will be of mutual benefit to our organisations and to the nuclear power industry worldwide."


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