Pakistan set to approve new Chashma units

15 September 2008

[GEO Pakistan, 10 September; Pakistan Observer, 12 September] The Pakistani government is expected to give approval for two additional reactors, at a cost of some Rs139 billion ($1.8 billion), at the Chashma nuclear power plant when the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) meets on 18 September. The two units will have a combined capacity of 650 MWe. A senior official was quoted as saying, "This would enhance the capacity of the country to generate nuclear power up to 1125 MWe with the installation of two more units, which are to be known as Chashma NPP-II and Chashma NPP-III. The country also has Chashma NPP-I which is generating 325 MW of electricity. In addition, the country also has Karachi NPP of 147 MW." The government has announced a plan to have 8800 MW of nuclear generating capacity by 2030. The CDWP will also discuss other projects, including a plan to import 1000 MW of electricity from Tajikistan. Meanwhile, the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) announced that the existing Chashma plant will remain shut down for five months, having been taken offline on 7 August for maintenance.