Podcast: Ingemar Engkvist on WANO's key industry role, plus nuclear at COP27

01 December 2022

The World Association of Nuclear Operators' CEO Ingemar Engkvist explains how the organisation's members are like a family - plus a report on nuclear's role at the COP27 summit.


The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) generally keeps a low public profile, but Engkvist joins us to explain why that low public profile is deliberate, and outlines how its members support each other. He also discusses the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war - with WANO having members from both countries.

Engkvist also shares the story of the very unusual way he first became involved in the nuclear field. And as he comes to the end of his three-year term, he talks about the exciting prospects for nuclear energy in the decades ahead.

Nuclear at COP27

In the news round-up for November, the focus is on the role nuclear played at COP27. World Nuclear Association's Jonathan Cobb and Henry Preston report on the event and have picked a selection of clips from some of the expert sessions staged in the #Atoms4Climate pavilion at the event in Egypt - the first time there has been such a platform at a COP.  Speakers featured included: 

  • Pat Dalzell from Bruce Power
  • Ontario's environment minister David Pacinni
  • Elina Teplinsky from Pillsbury Law
  • Kirsty Gogan from TerraPraxis
  • Edward Stones from Dow
  • Alice Cunha da Silva, nuclear engineer
  • Daniel Liu from Japan Atomic Industrial Forum
  • Tyson Culver, director of Juice: How Electricity Explains the World 

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