Podcast: The prospects for nuclear energy in Africa

01 July 2023

The main interview is with Lassina Zerbo, who discusses the current situation, and the emerging future plans, for nuclear energy in Africa. There are also reports on China's molten salt reactor and the USA's HALEU fuel supply initiatives.



Lassina Zerbo is the former head of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization and current chairman of the Rwanda Atomic Energy Board - he joins us to discuss the current situation and look ahead to the future.

He talks about the history and considers why there is only one country in the continent with an operating nuclear power plant, and how changes in public opinion and nuclear technology are helping to drive a wide range of planned developments. Director of World Nuclear Association's Harmony programme, King Lee, also outlines some of the many initiatives taking place which could transform the nuclear energy picture in Africa in the years to come.

June has been another busy month for World Nuclear News and Warwick Pipe reports on developments with China's molten salt reactor, while Claire Maden sets out the USA's efforts to tackle the issue of HALEU fuel supplies for the next generation of nuclear reactors.

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