Podcast: Nuward's Renaud Crassous on its SMR plans

01 May 2023

Nuward has big plans for its small modular reactors. Renaud Crassous, president of the newly-created EDF subsidiary, joins us to discuss its hopes. 



The French nuclear giant EDF and its partners have been working on their Nuward small nuclear reactor and have now spun the operation off into an SMR-focused company. Crassous joins us and explains the rationale for that decision and outlines its plans and timelines.

During a wide-ranging interview Crassous talks about the pioneering early design review being jointly carried out by regulators in three countries, and explains why the aim is for Nuward to be 'Europe's SMR'.

April has been a busy month for World Nuclear News's Warwick Pipe and Claire Maden who join host Alex Hunt to report on Germany exiting the nuclear energy scene as its last three nuclear reactors were shut down in the middle of the month. Plus, on a brighter note, they also explain the significance just a few days later of a ceremony held to inaugurate the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, as Turkey officially joined the league of nations with nuclear energy capacity. And there's time too for some positive news from Finland and its Olkiluoto 3 EPR.

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