Power uprate completed at Dukovany

12 May 2009

A project to increase the output of the Czech Republic's Dukovany nuclear power plant to 16 billion units of electricity per year reached a milestone with a 38 MWe uprate of reactor 3.


The unit, a VVER pressurized water reactor that has operated since 1986 is now rated at 500 MWe gross, up from the current 462 MWe. The power actually delivered to the grid is certain amount lower, after power requirements for plant systems are factored in.


Owner and operator CEZ said today that the power boost comes from a comprehensive upgrade program involving improving nuclear fuel performance, refurbishing the generator as well as instrumentation and control systems. Both high- and low-pressure steam turbines were replaced. CEZ added that all the equipment upgrades were made during scheduled refuelling outages, which typically last a month, so Dukovany 3's contribution to national power supplies was not adversely affected at all.


LP turbine at Dukovany (CEZ)
A low-pressure steam turbine at Dukovany (Image: CEZ)


The 38 MWe boost to unit three is the first main part of an overall program to boost Dukovany's gross output by 240 MWe by 2012. This should ultimately result in the plant producing 16 TWh per year for use by power consumers from 2013.