Richie's World of Adventure

17 August 2012

Urenco has launched a video game based on its science mascot, Richie Enrichment. Avilable on multiple platforms it is intended to help young people learn about energy and nuclear power.

Richie Enrichment (Urenco)
Richie Enrichment

Richie has for some time been a major part of Urenco's education and social engagement work, conducting science workshop lessons at schools and visiting exhibitions and shows worldwide. The practical lessons are focused on basic science, energy and processes that have parallels to the uranium enrichment process Urenco undertakes for its customers.

Richie's World of Adventure is a platform game that sees the character journey across the continents, collecting energy orbs and picking up information on electricity and nuclear energy. Building his kWh score with each energy orb, Richie must jump to avoid energy-sapping domestic appliances like washing machines, television sets and toasters. Extra kWh are available for players with the skill to land on top of the enemy appliances, while along the way are mini-games such as London Underground and a Cheese Maze in Amsterdam. It is the most ambitious of the Richie games so far, surpassing Richie's previous tile-matching puzzle games.

Richie Enrichment in Paris (460x325)
Richie racks up a megawatt-hour in Paris, despite the unwanted attentions of a telephone

"Learning is becoming more and more visual and digital, which is why we have designed an intelligent game to motivate our followers to learn more about nuclear," commented Jayne Hallett, head of group communications. "The launch of the game is the latest development in Urenco's social engagement program, which promotes discussion on the topics of low-carbon energy provision and nuclear as part of a balanced energy mix."

Richie's World of Adventure is available for Apple and Android as well as via the Richie Enrichment section of the Urenco website.

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