Romania to explore NuScale SMR deployment

19 March 2019

An agreement between US small modular reactor (SMR) developer NuScale Power and Romanian energy company Societata Nationala Nuclearelectrica SA (SNN SA) to explore the use of SMRs in Romania has been welcomed by the US Department of Energy (DOE).

Multiple NuScale SMR modules could make up a plant (Image: NuScale)

The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding covering the exchange of business and technical information on NuScale's nuclear technology, with the goal of evaluating the development, licensing and construction of a NuScale SMR for a "potential similar long-term solution" in Romania.
"The Department of Energy (DOE) applauds this important agreement to evaluate how small modular reactor technology could be utilised in Romania," US Energy Secretary Rick Perry said. “DOE has been working to support many innovative approaches to power generation, including this groundbreaking technology. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities for the future and being on the cutting edge of nuclear generation technology."

John Hopkins, NuScale Power chairman and CEO, said the company was looking forward to collaborating with SNN SA "to determine what role NuScale's technology can play in Romania's energy future."

SNN SA, also referred to as Nuclearelectrica, operates two Canadian-supplied Candu units at Cernavoda that currently generate up to 20% of Romania's electricity. The company's CEO, Cosmin Ghita, said: "As the only nuclear power provider in Romania, we see great potential in SMRs because of the clean, safe, and affordable power they provide."

NuScale's SMR technology features the self-contained NuScale Power Module, with a gross capacity of 200 MWt or 60 MWe. Based on pressurised water reactor technology, the scalable design can be used in power plants of up to 12 individual modules. The technology is currently undergoing design certification review by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems is planning the development of a 12-module plant at a site at the Idaho National Laboratory, with deployment expected in the mid-2020s. NuScale has also signed MOUs to explore the deployment of its SMR technology in Canada and Jordan.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News