Russia and China to cooperate on fast reactor

21 October 2008

A recent Beijing meeting saw Russian and Chinese delegations add an intention to construct an 800 MWe demonstration fast breeder reactor to older plans to expand the Tianwan nuclear power plant. Two new VVER-1000 pressurized water reactor units operate at the plant in eastern China, and a framework to build two more was embellished by an instruction to draft a memorandum concerning their actual construction. Russia already operates one BN-600 fast breeder reactor for electricity production at Beloyarsk, while a BN-800 unit is under construction there. The 800 MWe unit for China is presumed to be similar to the second Beloyarsk reactor. The meeting was the 12th of a bilateral committee on nuclear cooperation, which should eventually facilitate regular meetings between top political figures for the discussion of nuclear power cooperation.